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Romancing the Stones – Khajuraho
A quick photographic excursion to explore and capture natural & anthropogenic wonders, through the mind’s eye, the SLR lens and to etch them in the warp & weft of memory is now an intermittent detour from my hectic life. It is a ‘health break’, to use modern phraseology that describes necessary physical and mental activities, intended to maintain balance & composure in the face of taxing official work.
May 17
Impressions from China – An account of a revisit after eight years: 2007 & 2015
Passing through China briefly for slightly under 40 hours, jogged my memory back by eight years, when I had spent about a week studying the Chinese system in greater depth. The first comparison was startling. In the place of a slowly awakening giant that was gingerly ‘crossing the river, by feeling for the stones under the water’, to use the memorable phrase of Deng Xiaoping, the father of new China’s economic miracle; stood a confident, self assured nation, imbued with a sprit of its own manifest destiny.
The Baden Baden I fell in love with
A place, which has been figuring on the “must visit” list of any serious traveler for the past two thousand years.A fairy tale land in the mysterious Schwarzwald.
Destination Mompa Land, North East India
Motoring into the extravagantly beautiful heights of Arunachal Pradesh, the eastern sentinel of India to reach Tawang, perched daintily 10,500 ft above msl ( mean sea level), is a blazing testimonial to the ecstatic triumph of journeying over the customary inevitability of reaching the destination.
Feb 26
A holiday in Bohemia!
When the clandestine love affair between Irene Adler, the Prima Donna of the Imperial Opera of Warsaw and Wilhelm GottsreichSigismond von Ormstein, Grand Duke of Cassel-Felstein screamed through the columns of the Strand Magazine in the year 1891,